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    OC Gardening Services has a proven track record of providing creative, high quality landscaping services.
    Based on the rave reviews we’ve received, we’re convinced that we are more than meeting the challenge. Our emphasis is on consistent quality, but also let our creativity bloom so you can have a unique and gorgeous yard.
    We work with our clients from start to finish. A landscaper from our professional landscape design staff will be on site to ensure a job well done. To learn more about our landscape services in Orange County, call today!

Our Services

Lawn care service
Lawn Care Service

Lawn maintenance services by OC Gardening Services will help you preserve your landscape. We are a professional lawn care service company that will get the job done! When you hire us to maintain your lawn, you’ll get nothing less than the very best.

Tree service
Tree Service

Our tree service company can help you make the most of your property by shaping the natural landscape to your aesthetic preferences and safety standards. Our well trained and experienced tree trimmer staff offers fast and friendly service with top of the line equipment and follows national safety compliance standards. With us, you can have your yard or property looking its very best. Contact us OC Gardening Sergvices to get a quality tree trimmer in Garden Grove, CA!

Sprinkler repair
Sprinkler Repair

Like every hard working appliance, there is chance that malfunctions and breakdowns can occur with your sprinkler systems. Despite our best efforts, these unfortunate issues can’t be avoided. When your sprinklers are failing to perform or there seems to be a leak in your system, it is recommended that you call a professional to check out your system as soon as possible.

Power washing
Power Washing

Power washing safely removes unwanted dirt, mud, mold, grime, and even spider webs. It's a safer way to clean the material off of your home, saving you from the burden of costly repairs. Quality lawn care service and pressure washing service increases the value of your home and your neighborhood. Give our landscape contractor a call today to learn more about our landscaping services!

Weed control service
Weed Control Service

Weeds are unhealthy for your lawn’s proper growth. While not intrinsically bad, when they grow in your yard or garden, they soak up most of the nutrients that your grass is supposed to have. With our lawn care program, we ensure weeds don’t overpower your plants. We will apply specific sprays to specific weeds, to control them with ease.

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